The best products for mounting a boat seat to your boat bench

There are many products to mount your boat seat into your boat bench. First of all you will have to choose ‘do I want to remove the boat seat or do I want to make a permanent sitting place’. If you own or about to buy a Tempress All Weather boat seat you definitely must buy the Tempress Quick disconnect mounting kit. This item are developed for each other is are so easy to install on you boat and you even can buy a Quick disconnect mount for a second position. Available is colour White, Gray and Black.

Tempress disconnect mount kit

If you have a other brand boat seat, you can use a Wise disconnect seat bracket with the Wise Swivel, make sure that swivel size 6 inch or 7 inch is compatible.  Also with this system you can make a second or third position in the boat, just purchase a second or third bracket. Also a nice product is the Wise Quick Disconnect Boat Seat Bracket with similar function. Just another simple way to remove the seat from the boat.

To be continued about permanent mounts.

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Tempress NaviStyle Boat Seat

In 2016 Tempress really upgraded the Navistyle boat seat.


The foam inside is molded foam in one piece. Just like the Attwood Centric I and II, Tempress renewed the sitting and back part. The benefit of this change is that the product Navistyle is now long lasting as before, strong and maintaining its form.

If you want to sit straight, this seat is the one for you. You can change the straightness by adding some rings in the front before mounting.

Tempress Marine is using marine grade vinyl 30 oz, weather resistent vinyl-SS and Polyester. Universal mounting so boat accessories of Wise and Springfield will fit. All boat seat will be delivered with SS bolts with Loc-Tite. Ergonomically form for the right spine support and long lasting comfort.

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